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Delivering relevant information to web clients.

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Web Based Services for your clients.

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Using new media channels as successful sales channels.

How do you get you get a presence on the web?

There are a number of ways to achieve this, some are free (at a cost!) some are low cost or you could spend your entire IT budget on getting a web presence.

Free Services typically come with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) service that allow you to access the internet for browsing and email. Most also provide the ability to publish a web site using their domain an example of this is BTOpenworld that give you space to build you own web pages. The disadvantage of these services are that the resulting pages also have the ISP's brand somewhere either via banners or within the actual web site address (URL)

Low cost solutions are available from Web Presence Providers (WPP) who can supply web space and domain names that give you the presence and leave you to develop the actual pages.

You can host your own domain on your in house computers however this then increases costs as you need to maintain a permanent connection to the internet.

With the wider availability of ADSL (Broadband) services this may seem a cheap alternative than paying for a WPP however you have a couple of issues that add to the costs; these being Security and Bandwidth requirements.

With a permanent connection to the internet security needs to be very tight to ensure no one can access your internal systems without authority from the internet.

The bandwidth requirements that your web site needs will depend upon your content and number of visitors to your site. Standard Broadband gives you approx 250 Kbs of upload capacity which for low traffic sites with mainly text pages would be acceptable.

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