BT Connect Hosting – poor help files but good email service

I’ve been meaning to update our free domain we use to talk about anniversary gifts that we get from BT for a while now and I just managed to do it with a bit of hassle. We’ve upgraded our broadband a couple of times since we put the original site live and could not access the site using the security information provided.

We tried the help files or chocolate fire guards as I called them to no avail so emailed the broadband support team. The page said they were responding in about 5-6 hours, to my surprise I got a response within an hour which although did not cure it was both knowledgeable and courteous.

After a few more emails back and forth I managed to find the issue was with how access was gained as I could connect using the link¬† ‘Access FTP’ however this must be from a IE 6 or earlier browser as later versions do not allow it. Thus I knew the passwords and user names were fine.

Following the Help pages and using Microsoft’s Web expressions software I could not access the FTP site, so I started experimenting with the settings. Eventually I got access by setting the Locations Directory to ‘/pages’ ensure the slash is included otherwise it won’t work. When connected the url will show up as … but the connection works.


Update:¬† June 2017 – We’ve removed these pages now from the BT servers as the domain it was hosted on ( was flagged through Google as hosting Malware, this was as a result of someone else’s site being hosted on this platform being comprimised.

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OK who knew this!

Apparently DoubleEscaping means ”+” go figure!

%windir%system32inetsrvappcmd set config “Web Site” -section:system.webServer/security/requestfiltering -allowDoubleEscaping:true

On an IIS7 server your URL cannot have a plus sign in it otherwise you”ll get a 404 error. Unless you get the detailed custom error you”ll spend pleanty of time wondering why although the page is there the web site dosen”t pick it up.

It does however with a plus in the file name (or the URL for that matter) then you”ll get the error, either recode so the plus sign is not used or use the code above to allow plus signs. We did the above whilst the developers recoded and then changed the true to false in the statement.